2018-2019 Board of Directors, Elected and Appointed Committee Members

The ANMA Board of Directors consists of all elected officers, chairperson or co-chairpersons (if no chair exists) of all standing committees, parliamentarian, sergeant-at-arms, and all past presidents.

Mrs. Gloria B. Goodwin, MSW

Mrs. Lady Marie Hammonds, RN

First Vice President
Mrs. Natasha Jones-McDougle

Second Vice President
Mrs. Sharon P. Wofford

Recording Secretary
Mrs. Mavis James

Assistant Recording Secretary
Mrs. Rose McRae

Financial Secretary
Mrs. Helen Kinard Scott, DPA

Mrs. Christine Williams, MBA

Chairperson-Board of Directors
Mrs. Theresa Powell, RN

Secretary – Board of Directors
Mrs. Alice T. Davis

Mrs. Dolores Caffey-Fleming

Assistant Editor
Mrs. Kathy Bryant

Mrs. Pamela Freeman Fobbs, J.D.

Mrs. Vivienne Hewitt, Esq.

Mrs. Nadine Journiette-Davis

President’s Council Chairperson
Mrs. Theresa Powell, RN

Nominating Committee

Mrs. Norma Carter
Nominating Committee Chairperson

Region I

Region II
Mrs. Myrna Carter-Taylor

Mrs. Esther Marius

Region III
Mrs. LaTandra Collins

Region IV
Mrs. Janice Liddell

Region V
Mrs. Sandra Murdock

Region VI
Mrs. Ruth Creary, Ph.D.

Regional Vice Presidents

Region I
Mrs. Marion Grace

Region II
Mrs. Cathie Peay

Region III
Mrs. Gwen Taylor

Region IV
Mrs. Marcia Littleton

Region V
Mrs. Charlotte Henderson, Ph.D.

Region VI
Mrs. Nanine Watson


Region I
Mrs. Vivienne Hewitt, Esq.

Region II
Mrs. Mae S. Walton

Region III
Mrs. Wilma McGee

Region IV
Mrs. Velva Clark, RN, BS

Region V
Mrs. Deborah Farris, Esq.

Region VI
Mrs. Betty Graves

Appointed Committee Members

Alma Wells Givens Scholarship Committee
Mrs. Sarita Cathcart-McLarin, Chair

Archives Committee
Mrs. Natasha Jones-McDougle, Chair

Audit Committee
Mrs. Laura Tompkins, Chair

Awards and Auxiliary Exhibits Committee
Mrs. Myrna Chapman, Chair

Budget and Finance Committee
Mrs. Theresa Powell, RN, Chair

Commercial Exhibits Committee
Mrs. J. Delores Dalton, Chair
Mrs. Mae Walton, Co-Chair

Constitution and Bylaws Committee
Mrs. Vivienne Hewitt, Esq., Chair

Courtesy and Protocol Committee
Mrs. Cathy Peay, Chair
Mrs. Rosemary Parker, Co-Chair

Credentials Committee
Mrs. Helen Kinard Scott, DPA, Chair

Grants and Proposals Committee
Mrs. Beverly Anderson, PhD, Chair

Handbook Committee
Mrs. Laura Tompkins, Chair

Health and Health Education Committee
Mrs. Sharon P. Wofford, Chair
Mrs. Sandra Murdock, Co-Chair

Legislation Committee
Hon. Gladys Bransford, Chair

Liaison Committee
Mrs. Gloria B. Goodwin, Chair

Long Range Planning Committee
Mrs. Kathy Bryant, Chair
Mrs. Velva Clark, RN, BS, Co-Chair

Membership Committee
Mrs. Lady Marie Hammonds, RN, Chair

Memorial Committee
Mrs. Pamela Freeman-Fobbs, J.D., Chair
Minister Glenda Wrenn, Co-Chair

National African American Youth Initiative (NAAYI) Committee
Mrs. Mae S. Walton, Chair

National Convention Committee
Mrs. Beverly J. Anderson, Ph.D., Chair
Mrs. Lady Marie Hammonds, RN, Co Chair

Newsletter Committee
Mrs. Dolores Caffey-Fleming, M.P.H., Chair

Omega Mason/Maude Bisson Memorial Nursing Scholarship Committee
Mrs. Sharon Melvin, Chair

Orientation Committee
Mrs. J. Delores Dalton, Chair

Mrs. Mae S. Walton, Chair

Project SUN Committee
Mrs. Lady Marie Hammonds, RN, Chair

Recommendations and Resolutions Committee
Ruth Creary, Ph.D. (Ludlow), Chair

Registration Committee
Mrs. Mae S. Walton, Chair

Ways and Means Committee
Vivienne Hewitt, Esq., Chair
Minister Glenda Wrenn, Co-Chair

ANMA National Office Information

Ms. Natasha Garnier
Administrative Assistant