Past Presidents


Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, "AN INSTITUTION IS THE LENGTHENED SHADOW OF ONE MAN OR WOMAN." Every great enterprise of the world begins with the thinking and vision of one person and, on that thinking; other builders contribute their talents, energies and ideals. Our National Auxiliary is the lengthened shadow of its founder, Mrs. Alma Wells Givens, and other presidents who had a vision and the ability to make our organization an accomplished fact.
*Indicates deceased.
1936- 1938:
Mrs. Alma Wells Givens (Founder), Norfolk, Virginia* (John)
1938 - 1939:
Mrs.Roscoe Giles, Chicago Illinois
1939 - 1940:
Mrs.W.W. Dumas, Natchez, Mississippi*
1940 - 1941:
Mrs. D.W. Byrd, Norfolk, Virginia* THEME: "American Defense and Child Welfare"
1941- 1943:
Dr. Bessie B. Small, Denton, Maryland* (Horace) THEME: "Social Hygiene and Civilian Defense "
1943 - 1945:
Mrs. W. G. Alexander, Orange, New Jersey* THEME: "A Woman's Part in Post War Planning"
1945 - 1946:
Mrs. J. E. Alexander, Charlotte, and North Carolina THEME: "Woman's Place in a Changing World"
1946 - 1947:
Mrs. Lenora Freeman, Nashville, Tennessee (S. H.) THEME: "Facing The Rising Sun"
1947 - 1948:
Mrs. D. N. Miller, Kansas City, Missouri* THEME: "Woman's Role in a Changing Social Pattern of Current Problems"
1948- 1949:
Mrs. Letteria Dalton, Lima, Ohio* (A. A.) THEME: "Unifying the Nation, Beginning with Ourselves in Our Community"
1949 - 1950:
Mrs. Henrine Knaive, Laurel, Mississippi THEME: "Working together"
1950 - 1951:
Mrs. Eunice Matthews, Washington, DC* (LeCount) THEME: "Developing Better Human Relations"
1951 - 1952:
Mrs. Alvin Scott Mason, Salem, New Jersey* THEME: "Working Today for a Better World Tomorrow"
1952 - 1953:
Mrs. J. M. Knox, Detroit, Michigan* THEME: "Working Together for a Democracy By Sharing Our Good with Others"
1953 - 1954:
Mrs. R. Stillman Smith, Macon, Georgia* THEME: "Building Today for a Better Tomorrow By Pulling Together"
1954 - 1955:
Mrs. W. E. Pannell, Clarksville, Tennessee THEME: "Today's Challenge Becomes Tomorrow's Promise"
1955 - 1956:
Mrs. Bennie McLendon, Atlanta, Georgia* (F. Earl) THEME: "New Horizons in Service to Handicapped Youth"
1956 - 1957:
Mrs. Alice Hayes, Niagara Falls, New York (Charles B.) THEME: "Rebuilding Sound Values in a Delinquent Society"
1957 - 1958:
Mrs. G. P. Schanck, Orlando, Florida THEME: "To Foster Ideals of Better Living"
1958 - 1959:
Mrs. Mattie Collier, Hot Springs, Arkansas* (T. J.) THEME: "Fulfillment Through a Dynamic Guidance of Youth"
1959 - 1960:
Mrs. E. Emily Hedgeman, Detroit, Michigan* (Chester) THEME: "Action Through Leadership"
1960 - 1961:
Mrs. Erma Cornish, Washington, DC* (Pinyon L.) THEME: "The Crucial Challenges of Our Times"
1961 - 1962:
Mrs. Celonia Walden, Baltimore, Maryland (Emerson C.) THEME: "Sound Investments in Health Careers"
1962 - 1963:
Mrs.Lottie Harris, Atlanta, Georgia* (J. B.) THEME: "Creating New Images Through Service, Leadership, Initiative"
1963- 1964:
Mrs.Alice Wiggins, Camden, New Jersey* (U.S.) THEME: "Insure Our Future - Keep Interested, Informed, Involved"
1964 - 1965:
Mrs. Essie Tucker, Santa Monica, California* (Marcus O.) THEME: "Meeting the Challenge in an Era of Revolution"
1965 - 1966:
Mrs.Gwendolyn Davis, High Point, North Carolina (Murray B.) THEME: "Be Wise, Capitalize on Excellence"
1966 - 1967:
Mrs. Julia Long, Union, South Carolina (L. W.) THEME: "Focus on Contemporary Needs and Conditions"
1967 - 1968:
Mrs. Wilhelmina Thomas, Washington, DC* (Ashley O.) THEME: "Profile of New Dimensions-Highlighting Personal and Family Living and Sex Education"
1968 - 1969:
Mrs. Marian Capps, Norfolk, Virginia* (John W.) THEME: "Focusing on Problems of Dynamic Dimensions-Medical Careers, Mental Health, Sex Education"
1969 - 1970:
Mrs. Anne Jordan, Savannah, Georgia (Carl R.) THEME: "Health Involvement Here and Now - A Monumental image"
1970 - 1971:
Mrs. Alice Bledsoe, Los Angeles, California (Ralph E.) THEME: "Key to the 70's - A Decade for Action"
1971 - 1972:
Mrs. Mary Stewart, Detroit, Michigan (E. P.) THEME: "Bridging the Gaps"
1972 - 1973:
Mrs. Alice Davis, Washington, DC (T. Wilkins) THEME: "Health Care of the Seventies - A Bold Approach"
1973 - 1974:
Mrs. Hazel Maxwell, Milwaukee, Wisconsin (John W.) THEME: "Health Care - Challenge and Opportunity"
1974- 1975:
Mrs. Ola B Reed, Pine Bluff, Arkansas (U. S.) THEME: "Pioneers of the 30's - Blazing the Trail for Youth, Our Most Valuable Natural Resource"
1975 - 1976:
Mrs. Helene Cave, Brooklyn, New York* (Vernal C.) THEME: "The Accent is on You - The Involved Person"
1976 - 1977:
Mrs. Frances Allen, Eastville, Virginia* (J. C.) THEME: "Focus on Health Care - The IN Thing"
1977- 1978:
Mrs. Lillian Nixon, San Francisco, California* (Waldense) THEME: "Quality of Life - Our Priority - Maintain Good Health - Prolong the Life Span"
1978 - 1979:
Mrs. Laura H. Tompkins, Silver Spring, Maryland (William G.) THEME: "Survival in the Universe - Focus on Self Development and Relationships with Others"
1979 - 1980:
Mrs. Kay Richards, Yeadon, Pennsylvania* (Carlton C.) THEME: "The Year of the Child - Broaden and Support Services to Youth of Our Community
1980 - 1981:
Mrs. Robbie Chissell, Baltimore, Maryland (H. Garland) THEME: "Health Care of the 80's - Making a Difference"
1981 - 1982:
Mrs. Vera Ricketts, Los Angeles, California (W. Newton) THEME: "Focusing on Cancer Awareness and Youth Concerns"
1982 - 1983:
Mrs. Margurite Mazique, Washington, DC* (Edward C.) THEME: "Improving the Quality of Life Through Services to Children and Youth"
1983 - 1984:
Mrs. Anne Smith-e-Incas, Groveport, Ohio* (Jaime) THEME: "Working in Concert and Harmony to Broaden the Base and Strengthen the Foundation of ANMA to Insure a Proud Legacy for Future Generations
1984 - 1985:
Mrs. Mildred Lord, Houston, Texas (Edward A. R.) THEME: "Building Bridges: Back to Basics Through Nutrition and Parenting"
1985 - 1986:
Mrs. Jennie Davidson, New Rochelle, New York (Arthur T.) THEME: "Cancer, Drug Abuse: National Priority, National Crisis"
1986 - 1987:
Mrs. Ruby Franks, Temple Hills, Maryland (Everly) THEME: "Make a Commitment, Dare to Be Involved"
1987 - 1988:
Mrs. Mary Thompson, Oakland, California (Vertis) THEME: "Health and Education: A Strong Legacy for Black Youth"
1988 - 1989:
Mrs. Daisy Bailey, Atlanta, Georgia (James) THEME: "Setting Goals - Meeting Challenges: Striving for Excellence For a Better World"
1989 - 1990:
Mrs.Anna Harris, Houston, Texas (Robert B.) THEME: "Health Preservation: A Challenge for Survival"
1990 - 1991:
Mrs. Donna Rice, Columbia, Maryland (William) THEME: "Mobilizing for Improved Health Status for Black Americans in the 1990's: Unifying for Survival"
1991 - 1992:
Mrs. Mae S. Walton, Washington, DC (Tracy M.) THEME: "Emotional and Optimal Health: The Black Family's Priority"
1992 - 1993:
Mrs. Janet Turner, Atlanta, Georgia (Dennis) THEME: "Accessible Quality Health Care for All - A Fundamental Right not Just a Privilege"
1993 - 1994:
Mrs. Sandra Murdock, St. Louis, Missouri (Nathaniel) THEME: "Health Education: A Remedy To Change A Society at Risk"
1994 - 1995:
Mrs. Gladys Bransford, Houston, Texas (Paris) THEME: "Violence and Its Effect on Our Future Generation"
1995 - 1996:
Mrs. Betty Graves, Los Angeles, California (Joseph) THEME: "Making Olympian Strides Toward Improved Health Care"
1996 - 1997:
Mrs. Gloria Dunmore, Washington, DC (Lawrence) THEME: "Investing in Youth and the Elderly…Our Challenge for the 21st Century"
1997 - 1998:
Mrs. Vickie Butcher, San Diego, California (Richard O.) THEME: "Designing our Destiny for the 21st Century: A Healthy Youth and Elderly Population at Home and Abroad"
1998 - 1999:
Mrs.Sharman Dennis, Washington, DC (Gary C.) THEME: "We Are Who Our Ancestor Were" "Looking Back As We Move Forward in Fulfilling Our Obligation to Improve the Status of Health Care Through Commitment, Respect and Partnership"
1999- 2000:
Mrs. Delores Dalton, Midlothian, Virginia (Randall E.) THEME: "Strengthening Families to Create Healthier Communities"
2000 - 2001:
Mrs. Dolores Caffey-Fleming, Ranch Palos Verdes, California (Arthur W.) THEME: "Setting the Pace for Optimum Health Through Healthy Lifestyle Choices"
2001 - 2002:
Mrs. Mauree Ayton, Washington, DC (Leonidas) THEME: "Health in the New Millennium: Eliminating Disparities - Empowerment for Change"
2002- 2003:
Mrs. Janis O. Hadnott, San Antonio, Texas (William) THEME: "ANMA/NMA-A Partnership That Must Be Preserved If We Are To Survive the 21st Century" "Health Care Among Minorities Still Suffers, How We Address The Disparities Is Crucial."
2003 - 2004:
Mrs. Pamela Freeman Fobbs, JD, Clovis, California (Denard) THEME: "Heal Our Land"
2004 - 2005:
Mrs. Dorothy Jean Smith, Memphis, Tennessee (Robert) THEME: "Eliminating Health Disparities Through Valid Service to the Underserved”
2005 - 2006:
Mrs. Beverly J. Anderson, Ph.D THEME: "Advancing the Physical, Mental, Spiritual and Financial Health of African Americans”
2006 - 2007:
Mrs. Rose E. McRae THEME: "Promoting Healthcare through Opportuniy, Prevention & Education”
2007 - 2008:
Dr. Ruth V., Creary Beverly Hills, CA (Ludlow) THEME: ""Advancing Health, Enterprise and the American Dream - Project AHEAD.”
2008 - 2009:
Mr. James M. Fultz, Jr., Midlothian, VA (Lornel Tompkins) THEME: "Striving to Beat the Odds: The African American Men's Health Challenge."
2009 - 2010:

Judge Morris L. Overstreet, Houston, Texas (Carla Ortique) THEME: "Reducing Health Disparities Through Proper Nutrition and Physical Exercise."

2010 - 2011:

Mrs. Michele Gandy, R.N., Atlanta, Georgia (Winston) THEME: “Leading a Collaborative Effort in Health, Wellness and Prevention”

2011 – 2012:

Vivienne M. Hewitt, Esq., Matawan, New Jersey (Allan) THEME: “Promoting Strategies to Enhance Positive Mental Health Habits: A Healthy Mind for a Healthy Body”


Sharon C. Melvin, R.N., MPH, Wilson, North Carolina (Al) THEME: “Building a Healthier & Safer World Through Partnerships, Community Service and Volunteerism – A Call to Service”

2013 – 2014:

Helen Kinard Scott, DPA, Upper Marlboro, Maryland (Victor) THEME: “Combating Health Disparities through Health Education and Healthy Solutions”


Velva S. Clark, RN, BS, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan (Jeffery) THEME: “Advocating and Engaging Our Behavior into Good Health

2015 – 2016:

Judge Morris L. Overstreet, Houston, Texas (Carla Ortique) THEME: “Reducing Health Disparities Through a Heart Healthy Lifestyle”


Judge Gladys T. Bransford, Houston, Texas (Paris) THEME: “Charting the Course for Healthier African-American Communities”

2017 – 2018:

Theresa O. Powell, RN, Decatur, Alabama (Joel) THEME: “Improving the Health of African-American Communities by Raising Awareness on Gaining Access to Healthcare Initiatives and Programs”

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