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Membership in the Auxiliary to the National Medical Association shall consist of spouses who meet qualifications as regular members, resident physician spouse members, and life honorary members.

If you wish to join or renew your membership off-line, you can download the Dues Statement.

Membership Level Descriptions

Regular Members

Regular members shall be:

The spouses of active (currently financial) members of the National Medical Association, Incorporated and widows and widowers whose spouses were in good standing at the time of their demise; and shall be a member in good standing in his or her Local and State Auxiliary where applicable. Eligibility shall be nullified with re-marriage outside the medical profession.

A member who resides in a state where there is no affiliate Auxiliary but meets the other qualifications in (1a) above.

Resident Physician Spouse Members

Resident Physician Spouse Members shall be the spouse of an intern, resident, or fellow in an approved medical training program.

Life Members

Life membership shall be conferred upon request to the Board of Directors; upon any regular members past age 70 who have continued service and upon a member who has been in the Auxiliary for a minimum of 20 years.

Associate Members

Spouses of Associate Members of NMA are eligible for membership as Associate Members of ANMA.

Honorary Members

Honorary membership shall be conferred by the House of Delegates, upon recommendation to the Board of Directors, on a person who has given signal service to the Auxiliary.


Convention News

The planned Annual Convention and Scientific Assembly scheduled for August 1–5, 2020 in Atlanta will now be in an all virtual format. This means there will no longer be an in-person meeting this summer. Additional information will follow, but be assured that there will be excellent educational content, lively discussion and some surprise events. We will kick off the celebration of our 125th Anniversary which will continue throughout the ensuing year. You won’t want to miss it!